We have included some of the most commonly used forms on our website for US tax clients filing their individual income tax returns in the United States. These forms may not be up-to-date.We have also included some forms designed by RKB Accounting in Word and Excel format for your convenience, which you can download, record your information, and email us.The purpose of including these forms is to promote transparency and facilitate easy information sharing. You can review the necessary documents, understand the requirements, and come prepared for meetings or tax preparation sessions.You can look into these forms to know or be prepared if you have time. Otherwise, RKB Accounting is always there to handle all your filing requirements.

Download Form Form 5471 – A U.S. person or an entity in the United States must use this form to report all their foreign ownership when they control 10% or more of the voting power of the foreign entity. Failure to file or provide all information may incur a significant penalty which can range from $10,000.00 to $50,000.00, and a 10% reduction in their claim of the foreign tax credit.

Download Form - Every US Citizen and Individual resident, for tax purposes in the United States, must file a US tax return every year. You need to report your worldwide income; however, if you paid income tax in a foreign county, you may be entitled to claim a foreign tax credit on your tax return.

Download Form - A U.S. Nonresident alien has to file a US tax return and report his income on Form 1040NR. For more information, please visit our USA Blogs for "Who is a Non-resident alien."

Download Form - All nonresident aliens need to provide the dates they entered and exited from the United States in the last three years.

Download Form - Students, Teachers, Trainees, or a researcher from a foreign country working in the United States, may be exempt from paying taxes in the United States based on the tax tearty between the USA and that foreign country. If you are entitled you can claim the exemption by filing 8843 with your 1040/1040 NR form.

Download Form - If you have a qualifying child or qualifying dependent, you can claim this credit on form 8812. For more information, please visit our USA Blogs for "Claiming a dependent deduction."

Download Form - Every paid tax preparer has to ask certain questions and obtained documents to substantiate the information provided in the tax return.

Download Form - Every taxpayer has to authorize the tax preparer by signing form 8878. The paid preparer can only file your tax return with IRS after receiving this completed 8878 form.

Download Form - If you paid income tax in a foreign county with The United States having a tax treaty, you may be entitled to claim a foreign tax credit by filing Form 1116.

Download Form - If you have maintained a qualifying tax home outside the United States, You may be entitled to a foreign-earned income exclusion. However, please note in this case you will not be entitled to claim Foreign Tax Credit for income taxes paid in a foreign country.

Download Form - If you are not able to file your taxes by the due date, you can pay an estimated tax amount and file an application to grant an extended due date.

Download Form - Your employer must provide a W-2 after end of the calander year stating your total remunerations and the amount of federal tax, social security, and medicare tax withheld.

Download Form - If you need to amend your income tax return, you can do so by filing an amended tax return.

Download Form - A non-resident alien or a U.S. resident who does not have a social security number in the United States can apply for the Individual Tax Identification Number in the United States

Download Form - Individuals who are not a U.S. person receiving rent, dividends, royalties, or compensation for services in the United States may need to submit this for to the withholding agent. You cal also claim a reduced rate of withholding on this form if the United States has a tax treaty with your country.

Download Form - The person who pays you income involves in real estate transactions, mortgage interest, or IRA withdrawal, will ask you to provide this certificate as he needs to file an information return to the IRS.

Download Form - You must file form 4506-T to request your tax transcript from IRS.

Download Form - You must provide this form to your employer to deduct appropriate withholding taxes from your paycheque.

Download Form - If you can not pay your full amount of taxes owing, you can make request for a monthly installment plan.

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