GST-HST, Sales and Use Tax

Filing your GST/HST return with CRA can be an easy job, but the preparation of an accurate return can be cumbersome. It would help if you had help from and an experienced professional in this area.

  • You need to register for GST/HST program account with CRA if your sales exceed the $30,000.00 threshold unless all your sales are from exempt supplies.
  • You can also register voluntarily even if your sales still below the threshold.
  • Once registered with GST/HST or if you have exceeded the threshold, you are supposed to charge GST/HST on all your taxable supplies to your customer, failing which the sales to your customer will be considered inclusive of GST/HST, and you have to GST/HST on the amounts collected from your customers.
  • You are entitled to claim GST/HST that you have paid to purchase taxable supplies as ITC.
  • If you forgot to claim your ITC, you could claim within 3 years; however, if you forgot to charge GST/HST, you have to pay irrespective of the time limit. This situation is very much applicable when you are unknowingly not collecting GST / HST.

We are highly experienced in these areas. We will get you GST/HST registered, file your GST/HST return, and guide you through the entire process.

RKB has got many thousands of dollars as HST refunds for the client for which the client was not even aware. Our team can help you in capturing every dollar of HST / sales tax that you have paid on your expenses and purchases, timely filing, help you be compliant all the time to avoid reviews and audit from CRA, and let you focus only on your business.


Our Services….

  • GST/HST registration in Canada
  • GST/HST filing services for self-employed and corporations in Ontario and Quebec.
  • Application for GST/HST new residential property
  • Help with determining if your product/services are taxable, exempt, or zero rate

Represent you in GST/HST communication, reviews, and audit with CRA



There is no federal or national level sales tax in the USA. Every person or entity engaged in the business of selling or providing taxable services as defined by the taxing state must register with the state and obtain a sales tax permit.

Charging accurate Sales and Use Tax to your customer could be complicated. You may need professional advice.

  • Each state in the USA has its own requirement for Sale and Use Tax.
  • Some states do not impose Sales and Use Tax.


Our Services…..

  • Professional advise and guide you through the Use and Sales Tax retirements.
  • We can register you for Sales and Use Tax Permit in the state.

We can file your Sales and USE Tax Return for all states

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