Whether incorporated federally, provincially in Canada, or a corporation resident in Canada, every company must file a corporate income tax return after its fiscal year-end.

Planning and implementing are the backbone of effective business tax tactics. The RKB approach begins with a robust inquiry, understanding, and rigorous tax planning and evaluation of potential strategies. Proceeding this, our team continues with constant monitoring of the tactic.

We are Authorized CRA e-file providers and can file your corporate tax returns electronically for faster processing.

Our Services includes:

  • Discussion and Tax planning
  • Detailed review Income and all allowable expenses
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Advising and minimizing overall tax liabilities, including your personal taxes
  • Income inclusion and exceptions under section 15 of the Income Tax Act
  • Reviewing various types of deductions, exemptions that you can avail to minimize your tax liability
  • Preparation and discussion of draft income tax return
  • Presenting draft tax returns for your review and explaining all your queries
  • Electronically filing your tax returns upon your approval.
  • Follow up for the assessment of your tax return by CRA.

Personal Tax Filing Services

You must file a tax return in Canada if you owe taxes. A non-resident of Canada may have taxes payable under section 115 in Part I of the Act on taxable income earned in Canada.

You should also file your tax return if you are getting a tax refund.  CRA may stop paying you your trillium benefits, climate action incentives, GST/HST credit, child tax benefit if you do not file your tax return.

Whether you are self-employed or an individual, partnering with a professional team is beneficial to you and your business. By the end, you only have some time and rely on your tax partner’s expertise and awareness, who will solve many of your tax issues.

RKB’s expertise has helped clients get thousands of $ as income tax refunded, which included refunds from those prior years, which CRA normally does not allow to adjust your returns. Definition of income and allowable expenses in tax laws can be complicated; however, accurately presented to CRA in your favor can reduce your tax liability or maximize your refunds substantially.

We are an Authorized CRA e-file provider and file your tax return electronically for better processing and faster refund.

Our Services Includes:

  • We will do a quick review of your last filed tax return and advise you if you have missed anything and, based on the cost-benefit analysis guide if we need to revise your returns.
  • We will obtain your authorization and check with CRA to ensure the account is up to date.
  • You will have our robust and comprehensive inquiry and review system.
  • We will ensure that every deduction, exemptions, and tax treaty benefit you are entitled to be captured on your tax return, including Canada workers’ benefit, pension income split, foreign tuition fees, and membership fees.
  • We will prepare and provide your draft tax return for your review and will explain all your queries that you may have
  • Obtaining appropriate approval in writing before filing your tax returns
  • Electronically filing your tax returns with CRA.
  • Follow up for the correct assessment of your tax return.

Our relationship does not end at the assessment of your tax return, and we are here to answer all your questions at any time and work with you to plan your taxation for the next year.

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