RKB Accounting help you incorporate your business in both sides of the border. We help our clients in incorporating their business for:

  1. A provincial corporation in all provinces of Canada
  2. A professional corporation in all provinces of Canada
  3. A Personal Real Estate Corporation in certain provinces as applicable
  4. A Federal Corporation in Canada
  5. A Limited Liability Partnership in Canada
  6. A “C” or “S” Corporation in the United Sates in any States
  7. A Limited Liability Corporation in the United States in any States
  8. A Limited Liability Partnership in the United States
  9. A non-resident or foreign person to incorporate in Canada or in the United States


We offer free consultation to our clients, when they want to explore:

  1. What are the benefits of incorporation
  2. What is the right entity type they should choose
  3. How to protect personal liabilities
  4. How to protect valuable long term assets
  5. What may involve from a short or long term tax benefits
  6. Which province in Canada or state in the United States, you should choose to register
  7. Considerations before choosing the name of the corporation
  8. What are the extra provisions should be included in the articles
  9. What are the compliance requirements on an on going basis
  10. Dealing with business address
  11. Dealing with registered agent requirements


Our incorporation service includes:

  1. Business number registration with CRA
  2. Employer identification number from IRS
  3. GST/HST  registration with CRA
  4. Sales tax registration with the department of State in the United Sates
  5. Payroll or other registration in Canada and in the United States
  6. Prepare initial corporate board resolutions
  7. Prepare share certificates


In addition to taking care of all the compliances after you incorporate or register your business, we are specialized in tax planning, compensation planning, transfer pricing, which we begin with, right from setting up your bookkeeping system, payroll system, income-tax, sales tax, payroll filing and reporting requirements, annual return filing and franchise tax, and information reporting requirements.

Last but not the least, you can also get some valuable overall strategic inputs for the nature of industries you are in and also some of our  specialized services if you are a non-resident of the country in which you are incorporating.


Incorporating in the USA

Whether you are trying to establish your name in the USA, just starting your business and exploring your options, or already established in the USA and now trying to expand, our team is here to help you set up your company and stay compliant over time.

The USA offers different kinds of corporations and business structures. For e.g. an incorporated company or a Limited liability company. Each structure has its own advantages and disadvantages. Each structure has its own federal and state tax requirements. Choosing an appropriate business structure is important as per your business requirements, and you should seek professional advice. At RKB, we can help in choosing the right structure for your business.

As opposed to Canada, you do not have an option to incorporate federally in the United State. You can only incorporate in a state. Each state has its own requirements. Few states do not allow a non-resident to incorporate. All states have their own annual filing requirement failing which your corporation can be dissolved. You may have to appoint a registered agent. At RKB, we can help you choose the right state for you to incorporate.

At RKB, we can help you choose and guide you through the entire process.


Our Services…

  • We discuss and review with you your business requirements, and help you choose the right structure and state for your business.
  • We provide incorporation, formation, and business registration services in all states of the USA through our partner agent in the United States.
  • Incorporating your business could be complicated due to various business structures, state requirements, filing and compliance requirements, and different tax rates.
  • We provide you with our guidance and support through all business structures with our recommendations with the state compliance requirements and various tax scenarios.
  • After your business has been incorporated in the USA, we provide you with all necessary documents, by-laws, agreements, board resolutions and guide you through obtaining your Employer Identification Number (EIN) from IRS.

Contact us for forming a C Corporation, S Corporation, Limited Liability Company, General Partnership, Limited Partnership, or a Limited Liability Partnership in the United States.

Incorporating in CANADA

One of the main advantages of incorporating your business is the “limited liability” protection. If you incorporate federally with a name, no one can use the same name across Canada. Another benefit of incorporating is the lower income tax rate on the active business income of the Canadian-controlled corporation. Less tax means you have more money to invest. Succession planning – you can also take advantage of lifetime capital gain exemption.

Many IT consultants prefer to work as an incorporated independent contractor than a full-time permanent job because they love their freedom while paying a lower tax on their corporate income.

New Ontario real estate agents and brokers are now permitted to incorporate in Ontario.

  • Whether you are a resident or non-resident, you can incorporate in Canada.
  • You can incorporate federally or provincially. Only a few states allow a non-resident to incorporate in that province. Recently in July 2021, Ontario has allowed a non-resident to incorporate in the province of Ontario. If you want to incorporate Federally then 1t 25% of the Board of Directors must be resident in Canada.
  • Every corporation must file an annual return to its province or to the industry in Canada every year failing, which may result in the voluntary dissolution of the corporation.
  • The income tax rate in Canada is lower for a Canadian-controlled corporation. A Canadian-controlled corporation is a private corporation that is not controlled by a non-resident or public corporation.

Our services…

  • We provide services for both federal and provincial incorporation in most of the provinces in Canada
  • Incorporation of a professional corporation
  • Registration of an Extra-provincial corporation (EPC)
  • Guide you with the right business structure, ownership percentages, and classes of shares.
  • Name search and name approval
  • Draft, discuss and submit the articles of incorporation.
  • Initial board resolutions and minute book
  • CRA business registration
  • CRA program account registration
  • Formation of General Partnership
  • Formation and registration of Limited Partnership
  • Formation and registration of Limited Liability Partnership
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