Helpful Tips and Resources for New Business Owners and Start-Ups.

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  • December 6, 2022

When starting a new business or growing a new business could be challenging. You will need to plan and research your product and services, marketing plan, financing plan, permits and licenses, books and records, etc. It could be more challenging if you are a new immigrant.

Tips and Resources for New Business Owners and Start-Ups

Business Start Up Planning

  1. Researching products and services that you make or source, who will buy, marketing, profitability, profitability, and investment
  2. Should you buy a business or start your own
  3. Location of your business
  4. Permits and licenses
  5. Preparing a business plan – short-term and long-term profitability and cash flow plans
  6. Business structure ownership planning
  7. Records, filings, and compliance
  8. Risk assessment, monitoring, taking corrective actions
  9. Government grants and supports

Business Start Up Ideas

Here are some government programs that you can apply for and if you’re eligible.

Business Start Up Grants

  1. Get $2,400 grant when you are designing a new website or launching your e-commerce platform under the “Grow Your Business Online” grant.
  2. Get $15,000 grant when you are designing a new website or launching your e-commerce platform under the “Canada Digital Adoption Program” and also get an interest-free loan from the Business development bank of Canada up to $100k for five years term.
  3. Get a grant of up to $5,000 with business advice from the government of Ontario to hire employees or to grow your business.
  4. Government will cover 85% of the cost if you are modernizing your poultry firm.
  5. Ontario Learn and Stay Grant – to cover the cost of your education in specific fields.

Business Start Up Loans and Financing

  1. Financing program for small businesses in Canada – if you want to buy or improve your business real property, you get a term loan up to $1 million, which includes a $150k line of credit.
  2. Small business loan up to $100k to be repaid in 5 years, with no principal payments in the 1st six months.
  3. You may be eligible to apply for “Strategic Innovation Funds” if you are in the business of equipment or machinery that reduces pollution or saves energy, biomanufacturing, Intellectual property, Semiconductors, Agri-food, Automotive, or Natural resources.
  4. $250K loan for a new business to grow and fund your start-up costs and working capital
  5. Financing for young businessmen between the ages of 18-39 years can get a collateral-free loan of up to $60K.
  6. Loan for young farmers up to $1.5 million with the support of webinars and events to sharpen your farming practices.
  7. A young professional with a full-time job who wants to start or grow a side business can get a loan of up to $15k to be repaid in 4 years.
  8. Loan for new immigrants up to $50,000 to start up your own business.
  9. Loan for new immigrants up to $12,000 who do not yet have a credit history in Canada to start up their own business.
  10. Up to $1.5 million loan for youth under the age of 40 to launch or improve a new business in food and beverage or in agriculture.
  11. Farm loan transfer facility when a young looking to start a farming business.

Business Start Up Support

  1. Are you researching your product or technology? You can get help from the University of Toronto, McGill, the University of Alberta, or the University of Montreal.
  2. Get three weeks of training to validate your business model and the marketing plan.
  3. Get an in person help from an expert of Small business services of Ontario for starting or growing your business in planning, researching, marketing, statistics, etc.

We are also here to help to the best of our abilities and in a cost-effective manner. We know that starting or growing a new business could be challenging, many a time, you might miss your revenue projections, and your want to keep your operating costs minimal.

Here are some further reading links that can help in understanding your business requirements, benefits that could be available to you or your obligations.

Business Start Up Resources


Before starting your new business you may want to choose the legal entity which suits your need. You can start as sole-proprietorship, or a partnership, or as a Corporation. Each type of business structure has its own advantages and costs associated. To learn more please click the link above.


When you incorporate your business the most important advantage is that your liability is limited and your personal assets are safe. A corporation is a separate legal entity.  There are several other benefits of incorporating your business. To learn more please click the link above.


Once you have decided to incorporate your business you may also want to have a general understanding as to how the corporation taxation works in Canada.


Your tax rates will be dependent the province in which your business is registered. Your tax rate may very form one province to another province.


To learn more about the tax system and tax differences between Ontario and Quebec when you are incorporated.


The product and services you intended to sell may be taxable, or exempt, or zero rates. If your products are taxable, you must register for GST/HST/QST once your sales exceeds $30,000 in 4 consecutive quarters. Knowing more on GST/HST or the benefit of registration will help you make informed decision.


What are your responsibilities as an an employer? Knowing your responsibilities will help focus on your business instead of dealing with tax issues. Please click the link above to learn more on this.


The are several expenses that you can deduct from your taxable income and reduce your tax liability.


You need to save your receipts and the proof of transactions when you are preparing for your tax. This will not only help in claiming all expenses that you are allowed to but also to provide a copy to CRA when CRA asks you.

Business Start Up Research and Useful links

Business Permits and Licenses that you may need

Register your Trademark

Register your copyright

Importing goods into Canada, step by step guide

Import duties and taxes

Classifying your goods when importing

Advance ruling on tarrif classification and import duty

Canada/USA/Maxico trade agreement

E-commerce shipment

Exporting goods from Canada

Mange your risk – Export Development of Canada

Paying taxes to CRA

CRA Payroll deductions online calculator


Commonly used tax forms

CRA filing and payment due dates


RKB Accounting has expertise in cross-border taxation and has been providing accounting and taxation services for the last fifteen years in Canada and USA. RKB services include incorporating a business on both sides of the border, bookkeeping, sales tax, payroll, and corporate and personal income tax. RKB’s expertise includes cross-border tax planning, long-term tax planning, helping business start-ups, business structure planning, and resolving complex tax matters.

Disclaimer: Information in the blog/post/article has been presented for a broad and simple understanding. This is not legal advice. RKB Accounting & Tax Services does not accept any liability for its application in any real situations. You need to contact your accountant or us for further information.

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