Filing Your Personal Income taxes

T1 General - personal income tax filing in Canada
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  • December 17, 2020

Do you know you can file your tax return online for free? For free online tax filing please refer to the related important links below. If you see any broken link, please Contact RKB Accounting and a team member will be able to assist you or restore the link. We have also tried to summarize the process and to make you familiarize with it.


Who needs to file?

  • You have income tax payable.
  • You have an income tax refund.
  • You want to claim or receive Canada Workers Benefits, Canada Child Tax benefits, GST/HST Credits, Climate Action Incentive, Guaranteed Income Supplement, Split Pension, RRSP or TFSA Limit, Transfer unused Tuition Fees Credit, Carry forward loss in your business.
  • You sold property
  • You are a Non-Resident, but you have income from Canada.

How to file?

  • You can prepare your tax form, T1 General income tax and benefit return, and file with CRA.
  • You can mail your tax return to CRA, or you can file it electronically.
  • You may contact RKB Accounting to prepare and file your tax return.

When to file?

  • Generally, you need to file your taxes by the April 30th
  • If you or your spouse is self-employed, then by June 15th

What are the major important exemptions, deductions, and credits?

  • Self-employment expenses
  • Employment expenses
  • Split income
  • Home office expenses
  • Educator school supply credit
  • Scholarships
  • Non-Capital and Capital losses of prior years
  • Tax Credits from prior years
  • RRSP, Dues, Split Pension, Child Care expenses, ABIL, moving expenses, medical expenses, and Carrying Charges
  • Basic Personal amounts, Age amounts, Eligible dependent, Home Byers, Disability, Home accessibility expenses, Interest on loan, Tuition fees, and Donations and gifts


Important links which can help you to prepare and file your tax return:


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Ways to file – Free online tax filing

CRA – Certified tax software

Get your taxes done at a Free tax clinic


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